Minnesota School and District Data Reporting

Thank you for your interest in the conversation around the future of Minnesota’s school data reporting system. This site serves as a place for you to share your ideas about the type of information that should be publicly reported about schools and districts in Minnesota as well as how that information should be presented. In addition to sharing your own thoughts, you are encouraged to provide feedback on other ideas you find helpful to keep the conversation going.

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) releases public data on an annual basis that describe the overall performance of Minnesota schools and districts. If you aren’t familiar with our current system (or if you just need a refresh), take a look at the current Minnesota Report Card. Keep in mind that our new data reporting system will be used by a variety of audiences, from students and parents to legislators and businesspeople. Please feel free to share your own ideas, or elements you like from other states’ report cards in order to bring in some fresh ideas.

This campaign will be open through February 28, 2018.